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SBZ Body Positivity
The Brand “Styled by Zubaidah “was created in February 2012, after it’s CEO Zubaidah Abdul-Hakim found it nearly impossible to find fashionable modest clothing to fit her. Zubaidah decided it was time to change that narrative and started her own clothing line for the modest curvy woman. Because of this huge void in the fashion industry, Zubaidah knew that the launch of her line would be pivotal for her career in fashion. A clothing line exclusively for the modest curvy woman was unheard of, but Zubaidah was up for the challenge!       
Now fast forward 10 years later and Styled by Zubaidah has a new mission.  Not only do they want to make their customers look good, but they also want to help them feel good in the bodies as well! Over the last few months, Zubaidah has been a victim of cyber bullying due to the way she displays her confidence in her body. So, because of that she created the Styled by Zubaidah Body Positivity campaign.
 “The SBZ body positivity campaign was created out of the need to showcase women of all ages, shapes and sizes loving themselves despite of what society is telling us.” – Zubaidah Abdul-Hakim
During the month of October, SBZ asked its customers: What does body positivity mean to you? In today’s world of social media, we perceive beauty and body goals as what the latest celebrity or influencers looks like or what they are telling us is the standard. Whether that be what we should eat, what beauty products we should use, or what size the average woman should be. Socially, we all have grown up being taught that a woman at a size 4 is better than that of a woman of a size 14 — making some fantasize the outcome of extreme diets and unnecessary surgeries.
Body positivity means getting to a place where I can accept those body changes and focus more on trying to be healthy and feeling good instead of a specific size or number on the scale.”  - SBZ Customer.
Body positivity is a social movement focused on the acceptance that all bodies are beautiful no matter their shape, race, or physical abilities. Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearances. We cannot allow the opinions of others change how we view the progression of our natural bodies.

When someone is struggling with their body positivity it can severely affect their self-esteem. This can make you doubt your abilities, doubt the belief that you are worthy and make you doubt that you are beautiful in the eyes of others. Remember beauty is not defined by a dress size, curvier women are just as beautiful as straight women! We may not all be confident in our bodies every day, but please know that society will never tell us its ok to be ourselves. If you need reassurance look in the mirror and tell yourself! The urge to follow what society and the haters are saying is truly a battle for some people. But it’s a battle that you can win with the right weapons.

The first step to having a body positive mindset is to intentionally remind yourself every day. Practice and strengthen these things and watch your body positivity grow over time.
“Body Positivity to me means, accepting yourself even if the people around you doesn't accept you, it’s just being good to yourself & being good to your body.” - Maryem Shalaby (Makeup Artist)
  • Self-Awareness: Getting to know who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, and what you will not tolerate from the outside world. 
  • Courage: Trying new and exciting things, whether that be wearing the newest SBZ bold pattern dress but were scared that others may not think you look good in it. 
  • Power: Believing in yourself and doing what makes you feel happy. 
  • Confidence: Making choices for your mind and body that best fit your lifestyle and not the perceptions of others. 

            Body positivity is the action of choosing to love yourself at this very moment and in this current shape, size, weight, height. Not saying I will love my body after I lose 20 pounds, but saying I love my body because it is my body. Speak positivity into yourself and your entire outlook will change. If you are still struggling think of all the things that make you great outside of your appearance. I am a great friend, I am honest, I am funny, I am fashionable, I am reliable.

“Body positivity to me is loving every nook and cranny of myself. Just fully embracing all of me and doing things that make me feel good in my body.” 
-Sakinah (Educator)

What positive things do you say to yourself throughout the day? Are you allowing social media comments to overtake how feel and think about yourself? Are society’s views of body positivity becoming your own? If you’re struggling to answer some of these questions, here are a few tips you can follow for a positive mind on body positivity…


  • I love: Start and end your day with words of encouragement that you love about yourself (“I love my smile,” “I love my sense of humor”). 
  • I am: In the middle of your day Start off with an “I am” affirmation (“I am smart,” “I am proud of who I am”). 
  • I don’t: End the day with releasing what you don’t want (“I don’t need to change my body for anyone,” “I don’t listen to negativity”). 
            After practicing these affirmations, you will be one step closer to having stronger body positivity views, and you will be better equipped to respond to any nay-sayers that may think otherwise. 


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